As much as I loveLovelove tumblr, it can sometimes distract me from working toward my goals, i.e. playing on the internet instead of writing an article that’s due in to my editor at 8 am. For this reason, I am taking some time off from this blog in order to focus on my sports journalism assignments for The Red and Black, a student-run newspaper at UGA.

I’m not sure if this is presumptuous, because I don’t know if these blog posts will be missed by too many, but I will definitely miss them. It’s strange how cathartic this website can be, and fashion is the ultimate creative expression of individual identity (in my humble opinion.)

However, I need to focus on doing everything I can to achieve my dream of one day becoming a broadcast sports reporter for ESPN. It might seem a bit bizarre that I run a fashion blog and also have Peyton Manning’s stats memorized, but hey, it’s the 21st century y’all. If I want to watch the Braves hit homers while wearing a dress and lipstick, then I can and will.

The field of sports journalism and broadcast is very competitive, and I need to chase my dreams with gusto. That means writing multiple stories a week, traveling, attending practices, and conducting interviews. And I couldn’t be more excited, if not a bit nervous that I will have to sacrifice some naps and some fun here and there.

So in reality, this message is more a letter to myself, assuring myself that this is what I want, and that I’m willing to invest every minute I have into achieving it. Yesterday I got to interview UGA legend Herschel Walker, and I’m still riding the high of that adrenaline rush. I can’t wait to see what else is out there.

It’s not goodbye, it’s see you later. (to whoever is out there!)

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